[OP-ED] Top 5 richest Korean idols

Adriana Cho, Aug. 21, 2016, 6 p.m.

A lot of Kpop idols who have succeeded enjoy a life of extravagance. But have you ever wondered who is really the richest idol? Here is just the top 5 richest Korean idols, according to an estimate of their net worth.

1. Psy: $45 million

After the immense success of “Gangnam Style”, Psy has gone on to enjoy a great amount of wealth from both his continuing viral success and all the endorsement offers he received as a result of his sudden fame. Each release after “Gangnam Style” has succeeded in surpassing millions of views on Youtube so he gets revenue from those ads on top of the iTunes purchases. 

2. IU: at least $15 million

IU may not seem like one of the richest idols, but her song “Good Day” actually holds the record for spending the most number of weeks at number 1 behind “Gangnam Style”. She also has many self-composed songs (for which she collects royalties), has acted in multiple dramas, and has an enormous amount of endorsements, which all place her at number 2 on this list.

3. Rain: at least $20 million

Rain began his career at the young age of 16 and has really come a long way. He has had multiple successful albums, starred in highly popular dramas, and even starred in American films, solidifying his status as a Hallyu star. Now, he even has his own company which he manages and continues his singing and acting career.

4. G-Dragon: at least $12.5 million

G-Dragon started his music career at an even younger age of 8 years old. Once he debuted, he continued to write the majority of the songs for BIGBANG and himself, resulting in an impressive growing list of songs under his name. Because of the tremendous amount of royalties he receives from those songs, he is already a rich, young man. However, he also is a popular candidate for endorsements, which bring him even more money.

5. Choi Siwon: at least $10 million

Although Choi Siwon seems to make the least on this list, he may actually be way richer than everyone on this list, because of his family’s wealth. He has gained his own wealth through Super Junior, acting, and advertisements, but in addition, his father is the CEO of Boryung Medicine, a company worth billions. Basically, he is a real life “chaebol” and if he goes on to inherit his family’s company, he will quickly surpass all the other idols on this list.

Did any of these idols surprise you? What do you think about these idols’ wealth?

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