[OP-ED] Trump Is Being Played For a Fool

Jay Yim, June 18, 2018, 5:39 p.m.

When Trump came out of the summit meeting with Kim Jong Un, he left with a rather vague document stating that North Korea will denuclearize, but it had no specific time frame or how North Korea would do it. Trump received a lot of criticism for it, and on top of that Trump was seen praising the dictator, calling him a great leader who loves his country. Trump also said the humans right issues in North Korea is not a priority issue and it is not the United States' problem to solve. This was the first time a U.S. president had ever spoken this way toward a dictator who has been convicted of crimes against humanity.

For Trump to disregard the crimes against humanity issues Kim has committed and deem it not a top priority, it says a lot about his character. Why Trump is trying to be all friendly-friendly with North Korea is still a mystery to me. He deemed North Korea "no longer a nuclear threat".

Everything went the way Kim wanted it to go, and Trump played right into his hands.

I think Kim Jong Un is a lot smarter than Trump and knows how to manipulate him and the public eyes. The North have had a long and rich history of nuclear weapons and they pride themselves on it. The whole country is pretty much reliant on their nuclear weapons because it gives them this threatening power. Without it, the North would be powerless. Which is why I highly doubt Kim will easily give up his arsenal. I feel as though Kim is trying to buy as much time as he can and delay the denuclearization by being all buddy-buddy with Trump.

Trump needs to realize the trap he is falling in and see that the chances of North Korea following through on their promises are pretty thin. North Korea is trying to completely eliminate any US presence at the border so there won't be a strict supervision.

If you look into it deeply, if Trump follows through with everything and continues to meet Kim's request, it will only really benefit North Korea. Kim is in total control of Trump, but he doesn't realize it. 

I think Trump needs to open eyes and see that he is being played for a fool by Kim Jong Un.

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