[OP-ED] “Ulsanbawi” sends us in a musical time machine through trot eras!

Nicole Swayne, Aug. 16, 2016, 9 p.m.

After a long wait for Super Junior’s Kim Heechul and former TRAX member Kim Jungmo’s  mini album “Goody Bag”, we knew that the boys would definitely deliver! Rewind to July 11th, when we were anxiously waiting for the clock to strike twelve to be blessed with new music from the talented duo.

Super Junior fans were like.. 

Now, fast-forward to the release of the single that Kim Heechul and Jungmo described as simply  “a traditional trot song” that focuses on “a sad guy who missed the chance to tell his love to a girl” he cared about. With its mellow tone, “Ulsanbawi” displays a unique sound that is not often heard in K-pop. This genre would be considered “trot” with an 80s alternative vibe to it.

Music is a blend of various instruments and has diverse inspirations, incorporating other influences into their own work. Trot is is the oldest genre of K-pop music and blends together so many works that it cannot really be compared to anything in particular, which is why we found 5 other songs like “Ulsanbawi” that has a soft rock/trot feel to them for you to listen to!

1. Daesung - "Look at me, Gwisoon"

Let’s step into a musical time machine and transport back to the era of D-LITE. In 2004, G-Dragon helped write the single “Look at me, Gwisoon” for his fellow Big Bang member. Since then, Daesung has accomplished plenty from his solo tracks, starring in BIG BANG MADE, and of course every eye candy worthy music video moment.

2. Super Junior T - "Rokkugo"

Second on our time travel journey, we go to 2009 when fetus Super Junior created one of its first trot-sounding hits that is equally addicting as “Ulsanbawi”. The song “Rokkugo” has an animated music video, while still maintaining a powerful rock-inspired ballad.

The next few stops of our time travel are from the mid to late 2000s era.

3. Jang Yoon Jeong - "Olle"

Starting with “Olle”, trot music began to take on a different form in the 2000s and paved the way for the genre to become less underground. Ever since 2005. Jang Yoon Jeong has made a legacy for herself as a semi-trot singer while experimenting with other genres.

4. Park Hyun Bin - "Shabang Shabang"

“Shabang Shabang” is a catchy song, and its music video even incorporates various other artists, including Big Bang’s Daesung. Park Hyun Bin’s song has been played numerous times on the Korean radio station. For some, it’s the go-to trot song!

5. FTISLAND - "Take Me Now"

We come back to the present for our last stop on our musical time machine journey. FTISLAND, a rock-inspired band, is making amazing music. Their newest 2016 single, “Take Me Now” has some stylistic trot elements within the song, that could have easily been taken from the other trot eras.

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