[OP-ED] You might be an unscratched lottery!

Kelly Lee, May 10, 2016, 11:58 a.m.

Here in California, most of the time the weather is sunny and warm. People show off their body shapes much more than Korea. Since summer in Korea is only about 3 months long, both girls and guys get ready for a hot and crazy summer! As the season of exposure, summer, is coming, they work really hard on dieting and exercise to lose weight.

For those of you who are on a diet, I want to share some pictures of Korean celebrities who succeeded in losing weight and what they had for their meals during their diet! I’m not saying you have to eat like these celebrities because some regimens can potentially hurt your physical health as well as mental health. I want to encourage you because you just might be an "unscratched lottery", a Korean expression for people who become beautiful and handsome after weight loss!

1. TOP

BIGBANG member TOP is one Kpop star that successfully lost weight. His secret was a diet of red beans! He lost 44 lbs in 40 days. 


TOP lost weight by drinking red bean water and through exercise. Here's how you can make TOP's secret diet drink:

  1. Place the washed red beans in a pot with water.
  2. Bring the ingredients to a boil on high flame.
  3. Lower the flame to medium and let the beans simmer for about 20 minutes with the pot covered.
  4. Strain the beans out and store water in a glass jar.
  5. Drink it before a meal.

2. Kang Sora

Kang Sora has the perfect body shape to look up to! Surprisingly, she used to wear gym clothes because she couldn’t fit in her school uniform. She weighed 158 lbs when she was in high school. To lose weight, she set up her own rules for her diet. The first rule was never having late night snacks. Second, she had three meals regularly. The last rule was to move her body as much as possible!

3. Ailee

Ailee is loved by lots of fans, not only because of her singing ability, but also her glamorous body. After she lost about 20 lbs, she became even more famous. She mostly ate tomatoes and broccoli for her diet. She said, “It was very difficult for me to lose weight while practicing a song. I went on a diet and ate 500 calories a day. I ate two meals a day with beef or chicken breast for protein, two cups of a vegetable drink, and fruits.”

4. Seo In Guk

When Seo In Guk won 'Superstar K', he was just a little chubby audition participant who had amazing singing skills. He really became successful through his acting and singing debut after losing 20 lbs. For his diet, he had one apple for breakfast, salad for lunch, and tofu, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes for dinner for 6 months.

5. Song Hye Kyo

Drama ‘Descendants of the Sun’ heroine Song Hye Kyo looks perfect from head-to-toe. However, her perfect body was made through painful exercise and dieting. She walked 4 hours everyday while she was on a diet.

Celebrities are not always born with the perfect body shape! Sometimes, they do an ‘idiotic diet’, which is when they don't do exercise and instead, just adjust meals to lose weight in a short period of time. If you are planning to do the ‘idiotic diet’, TRUST ME, that won’t help you at all! An unhealthy diet plan will hurt your health! Eating healthy and getting exercise are enough to maintain or lose weight!

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