Orange Caramel Speak On Their Group Concept

kpride, July 11, 2014, 8:48 a.m.

Orange Caramel, which is a sub group of After School, spoke during a filming of M! Countdown on their group concept which is a unique one that differs from the sexy kpop standard.  When asked, “Your group color is very unique so did you sense that it would be a success from the start?"

The memberes replies were as follows:

Lizzy shared, "To be honest, we thought it would be either a 'success or flop.' Either we release one album and quietly wrap up our [sub-unit] promotions or a lot of people like it. We thought there will be those who either love it or hate it."

Raina also opened up about her hardship, "Although it was emotionally difficult to adjust to the [concept], now I am working harder than anyone else."

Nana also shared that it's a relief that she took part in Orange Caramel, "I think it was good that we did it."

They have had great success with their latest release Catellena.


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