"Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education" Reveals Profile Photos of Hoya & Chansung in Action

SWAG-tastic Voyage, March 4, 2014, 10:07 a.m.

"Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education" revealed more profile pictures of their entire taekwondo team line-up!

Along with 2PM's Chansung, INFINITE's Hoya, and Big Star's FeelDog, the show revealed the photos of Kang Ho Dong, John Park, Julien Kang, Kim Yeon Woo, and Seo Ji Suk! The cast is pictured showing off their best martial arts poses, looking determined to face the oncoming matches.

We have gotten our hands on some sneak peek still cuts of the footage shot for the show in the upcoming episode!

Taekwondo is the program's fifth sport, and with this kind of variety in the line-up, this episode will most definitely be entertaining to watch!

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