Outrage Is Formed As The Concept Of Creating A ‘Concert Team’ Out Of #12-35 Trainees Is Proposed

Jennifer Yoo, April 26, 2017, 11:03 a.m.

They are going to do what!? That’s so unfair! Recently, the second season of ‘Produce 101’ is under hot water as they proposed an idea of creating a ‘concert team’. This allegedly concert team will include 24 trainees, whose final ranks are from #12-35. These 24 individual trainees will not be able to debut, and will only be participating in concerts as back up dancers for the next two years to the boys who were able to place in the top 11.

This outraged KPOP fans from all over and there has been strong protest against this irresponsible, proposed idea. In less than 17 hours, over 7,500 fans signed the petition to be against this idea. The goal of the petition is reach 10,000 signs for it to be effectively handled.

Mnet has said that this is not something that is certain.

What do you think of this instance?

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