‘Pandora’ invited to Macau international film fest

Brandon Ko, Nov. 22, 2016, 9:19 a.m.

Director Park Jung-woo’s upcoming thriller “Pandora” is heading to Macau.

The film will be making its world premiere at the first-ever International Film Festival and Awards Macao, which takes place from Dec. 8 to 13, according to the production and distribution company Next Entertainment World on Tuesday.

“‘Pandora’ captures the worldwide interest around nuclear power in the most realistic, yet commercial way,” said Lorna Tee, the event’s head of festival management, in a statement. “It’s an outstanding production with all the commercial value and quality.”

The disaster film recently made headlines for breaking a crowdfunding record for movies in Korea, raising around 30 million won ($25,500) more than its initial goal of 500 million won.

Starring actors Kim Nam-gil, Kim Joo-hyeon and Kim Young-ae, “Pandora” centers around one man’s fight to save his family and country from the catastrophic aftermath of an unexpected earthquake.

“Pandora” will open in local theaters on Dec. 7, and will be available in nearly 200 countries on online streaming service Netflix next year.

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