‘Pandora’ tops local box office

Angela Jung , Dec. 9, 2016, 9:20 a.m.

Director Park Jung-woo’s latest thriller “Pandora” is off to a strong start. Since opening in local theaters on Wednesday, the film has attracted a total of nearly 338,000 moviegoers, topping the local box office, according to recent data from the Korean Film Council on Friday morning. 

Currently trailing behind “Pandora” is the romantic musical “La La Land” by US director Damien Chazelle with nearly 69,000 viewers, and local comedy blockbuster “My Annoying Brother” with over 48,000 people. 

The nuclear-themed film -- scheduled to make its international premiere at the first ever International Film Festival and Awards Macau on Saturday -- recently made headlines for breaking the crowdfunding record for local films. It raised 530 million won, 30 million won over its initial goal, according to the production and distribution company Next Entertainment World.

Starring actors Kim Nam-gil, Kim Joo-hyeon and Kim Young-ae, the disaster flick tells the story of one man’s fight to save his loved ones after an unexpected earthquake hits an unassuming town located near a nuclear power plant. 

Now playing in local theaters, “Pandora” will be available in nearly 200 countries on the online video streaming service Netflix next year.

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