Park Bo Gum Shows His Good Looks at Santa Monica Beach

Paul Lee, Nov. 17, 2016, 10:05 a.m.

Park Bo Gum’s first photoshoot in the United States has just been revealed! ‘Elle’ revealed a very special pictorial featuring Park Bo Gum, showing the star taking photos in Santa Monica, California. The pictures show Park Bo Gum looking handsome in his casual jeans matching with his long black coat. Park Bo Gum also sat down for an interview, discussing his newfound popularity and drama success.


Park Bo Gum stated, ‘I have had various experiences since I've chosen this path as an actor. So as I live a new life and experience the new environment that comes with a character I am playing, I have decided that I should not be influenced by minor issues...I think it will be enough that I continue to work and walk on my path with gratitude.’


See some of the photos from the photoshoot, and his full set of photos will be shown in the December issue of ‘Elle Korea’. Check it out here at!

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