Park Bo Young Earning Highest Pay Ever For 'tvN' Actresses

Jihoon, June 20, 2015, 11:50 a.m.

Talented South Korean Actress Park Bo Young is reportedly being paid the most channel 'tvN' has ever paid any of their actresses. She is making a comeback with 'Oh My Ghost' after seven long years of working on films, so this drama stirred up some nostalgia, and made some pretty big headlines on various media outlets.

On June 20, a drama spokesperson reported to 'Ilgan Sports' that "Park Bo Young is acting in a drama after seven years. She has received a huge guarantee from tvN's 'Oh My Ghost'. In the history of all the actresses in tvN dramas, she is receiving the highest salary."

The same spokesperson also reported that actress Park Bo young is earning at least 30 million won ($27,200 U.S) for her pay. Her long absence from acting in dramas attributed to this decision to pay her so much.

Another possible reason for this could be that Park Bo Young is highly regarded as one of the most popular non-idol actresses in the current entertainment industry. Some of her films that made a noticeable impact on the industry are 'A Werewolf Boy,' and 'Scandal Makers.'

If what was reported is true, then that will mean she will earn more than other actresses who starred in past hit 'tvN' dramas such as the 'Misaeng' and the 'Reply' series. It also means that 'tvN' has high hopes and expectations for 'Oh My Ghost'!

You can expect this drama to air on July 3, and enjoy an intriguing story about a introverted girl who gets possessed by a promiscuous ghost!

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