Park Hae Jin Updates Viewers of “Cheese In The Trap”

David Song, March 3, 2016, 4:43 p.m.

Park Hae Jin has released an announcement to viewers who watch the drama “Cheese In The Trap” that were worried about his air time! On March 3rd, he posted a photo with the message, "This is Yoo Jung.  Viewers of 'Cheese in the Trap,' I am okay.  I am truly all right.  I was happy to be Yoo Jung, happy because I was Yoo Jung, and happy I was able to be Yoo Jung.  I'm thankful to all of you."


It looks like he was directly addressing the netizens who were upset about his character’s unlikely situational development in the second half of the series, the shocking reduction of screen time, and the controversies that are currently surrounding the production crew.


Park Hae-jin (born May 1, 1983) is a South Korean actor. He is Best known for starring in My Love from the Star (2013), Bad Guys (2014) and Cheese in the Trap (TV series)(2016).

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