Park Ji Hun celebrates his belated wedding ceremony with his wife and kids in April

LrgnNChrg, Feb. 5, 2014, 11:18 a.m.

Former V.O.S member Park Ji Hun (37) will finally hold his wedding ceremony this coming April!

His agency YM Entertainment shared the good news on February 4, "After 22 years, Park Ji Hun and Seo Myung Sun will hold their wedding ceremony sometime in April."

After dismemberment from V.O.S back in 2010, he revealed that he actually had a wife and child who he kept under wraps from the public for their protection. He previously shared, "I felt doubts about my life as a celebrity in which I had to keep my wife and child a secret without a wedding." He is currently a happily married man.

Park Ji Hun also recently made a comeback with "Always Thinking About You".

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