Park Ji Sung Announces Retirement and Engagement

D-Bo , May 14, 2014, 10:45 a.m.

Korean soccer star Park Ji Sung has announced his retirement from a long and successful career from soccer.  He also announced that he will be marrying former announcer Kim Min Ji on July 27.  

During his press conference at Ji-Sung Football Center (JSFC) in Suwon, Gyeonggido on May 14 at 11 AM KST, Park Ji Sung announced his retirement, "I will officially end my career as an athlete... I will hold my wedding ceremony on July 27... Following my retirement, I plan to live in Europe."  He also updated the public on his fiancee, who resigned from her position at SBS to focus on her upcoming marriage, joking, "She is currently doing well as an unemployed person... She told me, 'You've been through a lot. Speak well and come back,' before the press conference."

"She feels sorry that a lot of people took interest in us... I think she will always feel apologetic for that, but I will really make her happy so that apologetic heart goes away."  "Although there has been a lot of talk about my position, I've had my mind made up since February. I didn't cry or anything like that. I am most regretful about my knee injury... I have no more regrets about my soccer career. I enjoyed it to the fullest."

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