Park Myung Soo to sweep the entire 123 floor Lotte Tower on ‘Infinity Challenge’

Michelle Jung, May 31, 2017, 9:43 a.m.

Park Myung Soo will be taking on taking on another fierce challenge following Seoul’s 63 Building, this time, by sweeping one Korea’s tallest buildings, the 123 floor Lotte Tower.

According to an exclusive report, Park Myung Soo will be cleaning the entire outdoor facility by himself on May 30, wiping down every single window. An MBC representative confirmed that the task will be carried throughout an ‘Infinity Challenge’ recording. They added, “Park Myung Soo will be filming alone due to the members’ conflicting schedules.”

May 30 will also mark 3 years since the comedian performed a full sweep of the 63 building in November of 2011 for ‘Infinity Challenge’s arduous jobs special. The Lotte Tower stands at an overall height of 555.65 meters with a total of 123 floors, almost twice as large an area for Park Myung Soo to cover this time. 

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