Park Na Rae Shares Her Drunken ‘Crush’ Story for Yang Se Chan on Radio Star

Hyo Kyung Kim, Feb. 4, 2016, 8:15 a.m.

Park Na Rae shared a drunken tale of her crush story over Yang Se Chan on the latest episode of Radio Star.  On the February 3rd broadcast of 'Radio Star'Park Na Rae openly revealed her feelings toward Yang Se Chan, and the hilarious antics that ensued from her passionate desires to be with him. Park Na Rae explained that she had reached out to Yang Se Hyung for help.

Park Na Rae had previously asked Yang Se Hyung to help her become a couple withYang Se Chan, to which Yang Se Hyung lovingly replied, "If you and Yang Se Chan date and get married, I shall voluntarily leave this world."

When the MCs asked why he was so against the couple getting together, Yang Se Hyung replied, "I can't imagine the two of them growing old and Park Na Rae getting drunk and cooking food" bringing about a burst of laughter from the guests and MCs.

Park Na Rae further revealed that during a time when her desire to be with Yang Se Chan had reached a peak, she was invited to drink with a couple celebrities at one of their homes.
Unfortunately for her, that friend happened to live in the apartment building right next to Yang Se Chan's. After having a few drink, Park Na Rae became much drunker than she had anticipated and ended up walking to Yang Se Chan's house barefooted.

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