Park Seo Joon Discusses His Desires in "Milano" Photoshoot

Maximilliano VCHK, June 30, 2015, 10:47 a.m.

Park Seo Joon recently headed over to Milano, Italy for a high class photoshoot with "ONE" magazine! It's obvious that he's a busy man who is really basking in his successes as the show "Kill Me, Heal Me" ended with a positive note. His movie "Chronicles of Evil" surpassed two million views at the box office as well, and he has another movie "Beauty Inside" scheduled to be released in August!

The actor could be seen posing at various locations in Milano, looking very stylish and charismatic, making it seem as if he actually was a native from the area instead of simply visiting. He discussed his newfound uncle status saying, My younger brother got married early, so I got a very pretty niece.  Whenever I see my brother and his wife, I want to get married." This is the part where the fangirls should break out their pen and paper as the star talked about his ideal type saying, "A woman who can get me excited."

In regards to his successful big screen projects he said, "Thanks to my seniors' consideration, I was able to act with confidence." In regards to his next project, Park Seo Joon discussed that he wished to branch out into mroe challenging projects. Upon being asked which projects exactly, he said, "Definitely melodrama.  I want to strongly portray a sincere and youthful love with an actress my age."

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