Park Seo Joon Graces the Cover of Grazia

Ari Kim, March 21, 2017, 10:01 a.m.

Park Seo Joon graced the cover for the April issue of Grazia. He is currently the Asia Ambassador for Tommy Hilfiger, and flew to Los Angeles for the clothing line’s 2017 S/S fashion show that took place in Venice Beach.

When talking about his upcoming movie, Park Seo Joon gave great remarks on the energy of the set and also revealed the reason why he wanted to participate in the movie was because there hasn’t been many movies with younger actors lately. He also added that there are many things that he would like to do and will be working hard for the next 3 years. He hopes to act overseas and in another language if ever given the chance. Check out some of the photos below! 

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