Park Si Hoo Has Lawsuit Case Dismissed from Entertainment Company “X”

kpride, July 7, 2014, 11:35 a.m.

Park Si Hoo has added a small victory in his dramatic story over the last couple of years.  As many know, in 2013, Park was charged with allegations of sexual assault, however was later cleared of any wrong doing.  The scandal has still left his career in shambles.  Aside from the scandal, an entertainment company, last year, identified as company “x” filed a lawsuit against Park Si Hoo for W2 billion or about $2 million US.


Company “X” claimed that in September 2012, they'd started to film a MV in Thailand that cost about 2 billion KRW (approximately $2 million USD). They claim that the MV filming fell apart in the middle because of Park Si Hoo. 'A' demanded 300 million KRW (approximately $297,000 USD) from Park Si Hoo. However, Park Si Hoo pointed out that there was no clear contract signed by both parties, and that the reason the filming stopped was because of the Thailand company. 


He also pointed out that there was no upfront guarantee; further explaining that if the contact was signed then he should have been paid, which he wasn't. Thus, he affirmed that he had no responsibility for the damages.

'A' responded that the contract had been agreed to verbally, and that they had also paid out 270 million KRW (approximately $267,000 USD) because of Park Si Hoo's previous label's verbal affirmations. They also pointed out that they were able to film in Thailand because they already had an agreement. Furthermore, 'A' claimed that after the Thailand filming fell apart, they had agreed to film in Korea, but that Park Si Hoo broke that promise. They added that both sides had agreed to pay the guarantee after the filming was done.  However, the court decided, "All of the plaintiff's suits are dismissed. The filing fees will be paid by the plaintiff.

Park Si Hoo's label said, "There are many cases where people try to destroy a well-known celebrity's name, and we think we received meaningful results. Even though it was unfair, we dealt with it and responded quietly, and we're happy to see that we saw results. Park Si Hoo will work harder to become a more modest, sincere actor for the fans who trusted him and supported him."



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