Park Yoochun Fined & Sentenced to Probation for Drug Purchasing & Use

BanSeok Shin, July 2, 2019, 11:36 a.m.

Park Yoochun has finally received his sentence for his past purchasing and use of the methamphetamine, Philopon, with ex-girlfriend Hwang Hana earlier this year. The sentence was delivered at 10 am (KST) on July 2nd, at the Suwon District Court. After confessing to his crimes, and “showing signs of self-reflection” after over two months of detainment, Yoochun was given 2-months’ probation with treatment and a fine of about $1,182 (USD). If he violates any of the terms of his probation, then he will receive a 10-moth prison sentence. The court gave its reasoning on the sentence:

“Drug-related crimes like these need to be strictly punished as they have a harmful effect on society. Judging by the fact that the drug was detected in his leg hair, he injected the drug for a long time. However, he did confessed to his crimes after being detained, and showed signs of self-reflection after two months in detainment. This is also his first offense. Considering these facts, it was seen that giving him probation and treatment, as well as a suspended sentence was a better choice.”

What do you think about the court’s ruling on Park Yoochun’s case?

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