Park Yoochun is unable to travel and more details on the investigation are revealed

Ashley Song, June 24, 2016, 3:31 p.m.

It seems like Park Yoochun’s life is on halt right now as the police has recently banned him and the others involved in the case from traveling. On June 24th, the Gangnam Police Station revealed the news of Park’s travel ban, along with his first accuser, her cousin, and her boyfriend, in order to further investigate.

In recent updates of the investigation, it was revealed that the cousin of the first accuser was a member of the Ilsan Family Gang, which led to investigations on whether there was any gang activity involved in the case. The police also carried out search warrants of sex shops that were involved in the case for suspicions of prostitution that were gang-related.

Further updates are to be revealed after the testifiers and Park is summoned.

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