Passengers Boarding Australian Bound Flights Cleared From Extra Security Checks

kpopluv, Dec. 8, 2014, 9:19 a.m.

Passengers boarding Australia-bound flights at Incheon International Airport will be spared extra security checks at the boarding gate from Monday.  Korea thus becomes the first country to be exempt from all extra security checks at the gate mandated by some destination countries with special concerns for homeland security.   On Jan. 31 this year, the procedure was scrapped for U.S.-bound flights from Incheon. 

The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport on Sunday said it also asked Australia earlier this year to go easier. The Australian government inspected security measures at Incheon and agreed.  This will mean that some 230,000 people who leave for Australia every year will be spared the added inconvenience of a second security check, which also makes duty-free shopping less of a hassle. 

So far passengers needed to buy liquid duty free goods at least one hour before departure, go through the secondary security check, and only then have their purchases handed over by duty-free shop staff.  According to the aviation industry, the measure will cut the time spent in security checks by 580 hours per year and save W400 million a year on handling costs for bottled duty-free goods. 

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