Past and Present Members of Jewelry Reunite for Goodbye Photoshoot with "InStyle"

Sensitive Artist, Jan. 20, 2015, 10:30 a.m.

The past and present members of the currently disbanded group Jewelry all reunited together to have a goodbye photoshoot to commemorate the group's career with "InStyle" magazine.

Jewelry closed the books on their 14-year long run as a group in the photoshoot with Park Jung Ah, Seo In Young, Baby J (Jooyeon), Yewon, Eunjung, and Semi. The mood on set was full of love and enthusiasm, as the girls enjoyed each others' company and gave their warm greetings.

Park Jung Ah commented, "Although it was hard on me stamina-wise to carry out my busy schedule during my time with Jewelry, I got to experience all types of feelings including joy, happiness, and fun through it."

Seo In Young said, "Although I don't regret my decision to leave Jewelry, I will always miss it and feel apologetic. Park Jung Ah unni and I talked a lot about how we should have had more of a sense of responsibility."

Yewon also chimed in to say, "As I performed on stage with Cool sunbaenims on MBC's 'Infinity Challenge's '90s special, my passion for music was reignited. I also plan to consistently challenge myself in acting and on variety shows."

You can catch the full photoshoot in the February issue of "InStyle". You heard it here at!

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