Past guest of 'I Am A Natural Person' revealed to be a convicted child molester

Jun Ko, July 10, 2019, 4:52 p.m.

MBN's show 'I Am A Natural Person' was revealed to have a convicted child molester guest on their show. The show follows comedian Kim Seung Yoon as he shadows people living a natural, off-the-grid lifestyle; one of those he followed was revealed to be a child molester by a mother who had happened to catch a rerun of the show. She had noticed that the house that was shown in the program was the location where her child had been molested in the past and requested for the show to taken down the videos. 

She ended up contacting the news program 'Oh My News' after MBN had not taken them down after she had reached out. MBN has since taken down the videos and announced that they would do a better job screening their guests. 

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