Pentaport Rock Festival to Celebrate 10th Anniversary

D-Bo , July 23, 2015, 9:31 a.m.

The Pentaport Rock Festival will take place in Songdo, Incheon for three days from Aug. 7. Even without sponsorship from large companies or hard marketing tricks, the festival has been going strong for 10 years, preserving diversity in the Korean popular music industry, which is dominated by K-pop idol groups.  

The beginnings of the festival werehumble as it was reborn after its predecessor, the Triport Rock Festival, the first in Korea, ended in utter failure in its first year in 1999. "After the failure of the Triport, I tried even harder. I refused to give in," said Yoon Chang-jun, CEO of Yescom Entertainment and the festival's organizer. 

The Triport festival managed to put together a star-studded cast including Deep Purple and the Prodigy, but it was forced to end after just a half day due to torrential rain. "I could not forget Deep Purple performing in the rain with spectators going wild, and that made me keep going," Yoon said. 

He even had to sell his house to repay debts, but he kept pursuing his goal to hold the festival. In 2006 he finally convinced the Incheon city and launched the Pentaport. There was little he could do to stop the rain in the rainy season, but Yoon was able to overcome it with safety measures he learned in Japan. The enthusiastic reaction from the audience was way beyond what he had imagined and the Pentaport has grown into a leading music festival in Korea ever since.

Since 2013, the festival has been allocating the headliner position to Korean musicians for at least one day out of three. This year's headliners are the Scorpions, the Prodigy and Seo Tai-ji. 

This will probably be veteran rock band Scorpions' last visit to Korea, and it is the first time that Seo Tai-ji will take the stage somewhere other than his own concert. The Prodigy will finally be able to perform this time after missing their chance due to rain in the Triport back in 1999. 

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