Pharrell Responds to Tweets from G-Dragon and Mina Kwon with Possible Collaboration

Maximiliano VCHK, Sept. 10, 2013, 6:36 a.m.

Can there possibly be a collaboration between Pharrell Williams, G-Dragon, and Mina Kwon?

Mina Kwon and G-Dragon were seen on their twitters trading tweets amongst each other on September 9 while tagging Pharrell.  Pharrell responded back with “These two are amazing talents. Korean art is vast and next level. Time to collab.”, to which G-Dragon excitedly replied "Do it Let's Do it!!".

When Korean media started to report about the tweet exchanges, they initially accredited Mina Kwon as being G-Dragon's older sibling, and then edited their statement to read that they were cousins.

YG Entertainment has officially stated that G-Dragon and Mina Kwon do not share familial ties, but do share the same last name.  In addition, YG has also offered supplemental information that G-Dragon and Mina Kwon do share a close friendship with each other.

Photo Credit: YG Entertainment, Star Trak Entertainment, G-Dragon, Pharrell Williams, and Mina Kwon′s Twitters

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