Philippines Returns More Trash to Korea

Jay Yim, Jan. 21, 2020, 11:01 a.m.

The government of the Philippines is sending back another 5,100 tons of trash that was illegally exported there in 2018.

A Korean trading company conspired with an importer in the Philippines and doctored shipping documents to make it appear as if the trash was recyclable plastic. When the fraud came to light, environmental activists in the Philippines protested in front of the Korean Embassy in Manila demanding that Korea take the trash back.

The Environment Ministry said Monday that around 800 tons of the trash are being taken back to Korea now, while the rest will be brought back later this year.

The government of the Philippines is handling the transport cost to port, but the Korean government will shoulder the cost of shipping and incinerating it here.

Another 1,400 tons was already returned last year, but that was easier because it was still in the original shipping containers. But the remaining 5,100 tons had already been dumped on private land in Mindanao, making it more difficult to bring back.

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