Plan A Entertainment Gives Update on Investigation of Bomb Threats Against APink

BanSeok Shin, Jan. 7, 2019, 9:53 a.m.

APink's agency, Plan A Entertainment, has released details from a currently ongoing criminal investigation involving multiple bomb threats against the girl group. Back in 2017, multiple news sources reported that in response to the appearance of one of the group members' on a variety show where she went on blind dates, a fan tried to take matters into his own hands by making a series of over 30 bomb threats in order to interfere with APink's schedules. As a result the group's agency opened up a criminal investigation and revealed yesterday January 6th (KST) that the fan is a Korea-American who is currently residing in Canada and is wanted by Canadian Police. The international police organization Interpol, is also conducting an investigation into the matter. 

Keep an Eye out on our website and social media for more updates on the investigation and any further affects on APink's schedules.

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