Police Arrest Man For Murdering and Dismembering Wife in South Korea

luvsmiling, April 8, 2015, 10:43 a.m.

Police apprehended a Korean-Chinese man accused of killing his wife and dismembering her body, police said Wednesday.  Police said they had caught Kim Ha-il at 7:30 a.m. in the act of discarding the remaining parts of the woman's body.

The woman's torso, head, hands and feet were discovered against a seawall in Siheung, southwest of Seoul, after washing over from the West Sea between Saturday and Tuesday. Kim was busted while trying to leave her limbs on top of a building about 5 kilometers northeast of the seawall.

Jeong Yong-beom, chief crime investigator at Siheung Police Station, said police had followed Kim after identifying the woman as a 42-year-old Korean-Chinese woman surnamed Han, who entered South Korea alone in 2013.

She had reported on her immigration forms that she had a husband, whom the police identified as Kim. The two married in 1996 and had a son.  Jeong said Kim, a factory worker who entered South Korea in 2009, confessed to smothering his wife to death at his Siheung studio after hitting her with a blunt object last Wednesday.

He cut up her body, placed the pieces in multiple trash bags and visited the seawall twice to discard them. Kim was angry that his wife kept nagging him to transfer money to her account, which he had promised, according to the police officer.

The two had agreed to save money toward buying a home in China, but he had squandered all his money at casinos, the officer said, adding Kim thought cutting up her body would help conceal his crime.  "What I did to my wife is unforgivable," Jeong was quoted as saying.


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