[Poll] Idol Dream High – Idol King Tournament (Round 1, Bracket 1)

, Sept. 4, 2013, 3:22 p.m.

[Poll] Idol Dream High – Idol King Tournament (Round 1, Bracket 1)

2013.09.02 20:00 

September has snuck up on us once again, which means its back to school for many of you.

We may be a few years out of school ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we don’t feel for you students out there, dragging your feet back to school, so in an effort to make back-to-school season something to look forward to, we’re giving you, our readers, the opportunity to create your dream high school – made up of your favorite idols, of course. 

Each week, we will be taking your votes in a series of polls on which star you think best fits the high school stereotypes we all hate to love (think class clown, jock, teacher’s pet, etc). All the while, we will also be running TWO tournament-style polls to name an IDOL KING and IDOL QUEEN. 

For each Idol King and Idol Queen tournament, we divided 16 of today’s hottest idols into four brackets and the winning idol will advance to the next round to battle it out with the winners from the other brackets each week, until only one male and female idol remains standing to be named the Idol King and Idol Queen. 

The first round will be open for one week until September 9, so read on, and get your votes in for your favorite idol in each bracket!

Super Junior-M’s Henry

Super Junior-M′s Henry stepped out of his big brothers′ shadow to make one of the most successful solo debuts of the year with Trap.

With his talents in the kitchen to his skills on stage, if Henry went to our high school, we′d take Home Ec, join orchestra and Glee Club just to see him every day.

2PM’s Nichkhun

2PM made a comeback this year with A.D.T.O.Y, and if Nichkhun went to school with us, all day we′d think about Nichkhun, probably.

We wonder if ′daydreaming about Nichkhun′ is a good excuse if our parents ask why our grades have taken a dive. 

ZE:A’s Park Hyung Sik

As soon as our grades begin to slip, however, is when ZE:A′s Hyung Sik, the idol world′s rising umchinah, comes in. 

From his clean cut image to what we′ve seen on tvN′s The Romantic & Idol and MBC′s Real Man, we think Hyung Sik would make the perfect study partner.

B1A4’s Jin Young

B1A4′s leader Jin Young is another idol star who is more than just a pretty face, having composed a number of the group′s songs. 

Jin Young is known to be a busy bee, but now that the group′s promotions have winded down with the conclusion of B1A4′s five-day concert series, maybe he′ll have more time for school?

Vote for who you think deserves to be called Idol King now!

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