[K-POP] Pop Single Review: WASSUP 'Hotter Than a Summer'

Jimmy Pak, Sept. 11, 2013, 1:39 p.m.

WASSUP has taking the world by storm.  Very few groups have grabbed the attention of the kpop culture more than WASSUP.  This group is consitiatnly hitting the charts and in the popularity spot light.  WASSUP’s new single ‘Hotter than a summer” is hot!

With their first release being lack luster and critized by man, they have bounced back.  “Hotter than a summer” is a salsa flavored dance track featuring RedRoc’s  rap. (Redroc is best known for ‘the guy who made a music video with TOP’) 

This single offers good beats and is a overall success.  Now, acutally releasing it in summer, rather than in September might have been overlooked. 

 photos: hallyula, ponypickweebly, kpopbrasil

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