Pre-Sale Of EXO's 'The War' Album Causes Server Shut Down

Yoonjung Ko, July 10, 2017, 3:32 p.m.

SAY WHAT!? Recently it was reported that a website server completely shut down due to the launching of the pre-sale for EXO's new, upcoming album 'The War'. As soon as the pre-sale went up, the online server for Synnara Record ended up breaking and essentially shut down to due to the amount of online traffic of individuals trying to purchase the 4th-full album of EXO!

This can be seen as a blessing in disguise as that just means that so many fans are anticipating the comeback of SM's EXO! The title track for the album is set to be "Ko Ko Bop" and it is expected to be released in ten days on July 20th. 

Make sure to cop yours!

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