President Obama to Appoint Mark Lippert as New Envoy to Korea

kpopluv, May 2, 2014, 9:55 a.m.

President Obama is poised to appoint one of his closest aids as the White House’s next ambassador to Korea.  This report comes from US media reports from high ranking US officials.  The Korean Embassy in the U.S. confirmed that Obama will notify Congress of the appointment of Mark Lippert on Friday.

Lippert, currently Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel's chief of staff, will replace Sung Kim. He has been advising Obama on foreign policy since the president was in the Senate. During his time in the Pentagon, the former Navy SEAL officer worked with the Korean government on a wide range of issues.

Some status-conscious Koreans worry that Lippert is not of equivalent stature to the U.S. ambassadors to Japan and China. The former is served by former President John F. Kennedy's daughter Caroline and the latter by Max Baucus, a six-term senator. 

But former State Department official Kurt Campbell said Lippert will help further strengthen the bilateral ties because he is close to Obama. 

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