Produce X 101's Lee Hyeop finds a new home!

Yumi Kim , July 29, 2019, 11:36 a.m.

As 'Produce X 101' reached its end, trainees have been receiving offers from agencies. Lee Hyeop is one as Woollim Entertainment brings him to their label. On July 29, Lee Hyeop went public as a Woollim Entertainment trainee, writing: "Hello, it's Lee Hyeop! From now on, I'm not an individual trainee and have begun training at Woollim Entertainment. So starting from midnight, I don't think I will be able to greet you through Instagram anymore. You can follow me at the Woollim Rookie Twitter account! Moving forward, please give lots of support to Woollim trainee Lee Hyeop. Thank you!"

That same day, 'Woollim Rookie' Twitter account announced him, writing: "Hello, this is Woollim Rookie. Lee Hyeop, who showed a great image on 'Produce X 101,' has joined Woollim Rookie. New good news about Lee Hyeop will be shared through Woollim Rookie in the future. Please give him lots of support moving forward as well."  

Lee Hyeop ended in the 24th place but his hard work, dedication, and talent were top notch and fully recognized! 

Congrats to Lee Hyeop and Woollim Entertainment! 

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