Producers for "Laws of the Jungle" Express Disappointment for Double Casting Son Ho Joon

Inquisitive Bro-migo, Jan. 22, 2015, 10:46 a.m.

It was recently revealed that actor Son Ho Joon would be appearing on two separate popular reality/variety shows, namely "Laws of the Jungle" and "Three Meals a Day". It did not seem to be an issue at first, but it did begin to pose a few problems for viewers as well as the broadcast stations due to the fact that the two programs are competing shows from different broadcast stations that share the same time slot. What this means for fans of Son Ho Joon is that his fans will have to bounce between the two shows, creating a division of viewer ratings over the course of the next month.

Son Ho Joon was cast quickly to take over the empty spot left by Jang Geun Suk due to him leaving "Three Meals a Day". It would appear that Son Ho Joon as well as his management did not realize or were not informed that this would create an overlap in airing times, and his management told the media, "Son Ho Joon finished the filming for 'Jungle' and now he's filming for 'Three Meals'. If we had known about the airing time period of his episodes, we may have tried to adjust things before, but we did not think that far in advance... Son Hon Joon doesn't know about this matter much either as he is filming for 'Three Meals' currently. We should have been the one to sort it out, but we do not have the authority to dictate what dates his episodes are broadcast on."

Along with Son Ho Joon's sudden casting into "Three Meals a Day", the producers of "Laws of the Jungle" commented, "Starting since the last week of November to the first week of December, we returned from Palau and started the preparation for the first episode. It was when we finished editing the first episode that we heard about Son Ho Joon's appearance in 'Three Meals a Day' through media reports. We first found out about his appearance [on 'Three Meals a Day'] on the 19th when the reports first released. The production team of 'Laws of the Jungle' was surprised to find out and I was taken aback as well." 

They then continued on to add, "We understand the situation that 'Three Meals a Day' is in, but we are also very taken aback and are unable to grasp the situation. There were people asking how we are going to handle the situation and whether we're going to take countermeasures, but what are we to do. No matter what the circumstances are, both parties are going to work hard and bring laughter to the viewers. We weren't trying to divide our viewers or to start an emotional fight we just wanted to express our regret regarding the situation." 

In the meantime, SBS show "Laws of the Jungle" Palau edition will be airing their first episode on January 30th and "Three Meals a Day" will begin to air their new season on January 23rd.

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