Prosecutors Seek an Appeal in Sentence for Lee Jiyeon and Dahee in Lee Byung Hun Scandal

luvsmiling, Jan. 20, 2015, 12:46 p.m.

Koogle TV has learned that the prosecution in the Lee Byung Hun blackmail scandal has filed a petition of appeal for blacmailers Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee.  The Seoul Central District Court revealed that after Lee Ji Yeon and Dahee were sentenced to about one year in jail, the prosecution submitted an appeal.  The majority opinion among legal representatives is that this may have happened because the prosecution believed the announced sentence was not long enough.  

Lee Byung Hun's BH Entertainment said on January 20, "We did not know at all that the prosecution had submitted a petition of appeal.  We were not spoken to about this at all. This situation is a criminal case, so we cannot get involved.  It is a mystery to us why the prosecution submitted an appeal.  That is why we are even more cautious about remarking on our stance."


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