[OP-ED] Prostitutes and Gold Diggers

Danny Cho, March 28, 2016, 6 p.m.

[Disclaimer: This piece reflects the opinions of the writer, and not necessarily those of Koogle TV. Please read with discretion.]

In light of this current prostitution scandal in Kpop, I really started to think about why people would vilify this Kpop star for having sex for money, while there is a growing culture of gold diggery that is accepted in Korean culture. To me a gold digger is just a patient prostitute. However, the actions of a gold digger are never vilified. As a matter of fact, there have been Kdramas that actually showcase and glorify it.

By the way, the Korean media really did a bad job of trying to keep the Kpop star anonymous. With all the clues that were given, Stevie Wonder could see who it is. However, since one of this country’s favorite sayings is “innocent until proven guilty”, I’ll just refer to her as “Kpop Star”. See that’s pretty black and white, right? 

First of all, I don’t condemn prostitution. I know I’m in the minority when it comes to this, but I really don’t think these women are evil. As long as they willingly choose to make money through sex, I say let those girls make a living. Sure, I wouldn’t want my sister to be a prostitute, but, I wouldn't stop loving her if she turned into one. I just don’t respect people that are trying to earn lots of money by selling sex.

So, why are you so adamantly against it? They aren’t harming anyone. Is it because of religion? Or because it's against the law?

If you say it's because it's against the teachings of the Bible, then I hope you follow ALL the rules written in that book. If you have tattoos, then I have news for you. You are going against the teachings of the bible. All of you having sex with your boyfriend/girlfriend - yup, you guessed it - you are sinning. You are at your favorite restaurant and you order a shrimp cocktail for starters and a pork chop as your entrée? Guess what? You are double-sinning according to the Bible. We all know that we pick and choose what rules we should really follow, so religion as your basis for condemning prostitution seems a bit invalid to me.

If you use law as your argument, then realize that laws are made by human beings that aren’t particularly that much different from you and me. Also there are plenty of silly laws that are still technically in the books. For example, Pennsylvania state law requires that people stop every mile to send up a rocket signal when you are driving in rural areas. I’ve been in rural parts of Pennsylvania, and I can say that I did not see a single car stopping to send out signals. In Michigan state law, a woman’s hair belongs to her spouse, and they’ll need permission before they can alter it. See what I mean? Law can sometimes be silly and shouldn’t always be the basis of what is right or wrong.

My point is prostitutes and gold diggers fall into the same category for me. Prostitutes provide the service of sex to men, and let me be clear, ALL MEN WANT SEX. Lots and lots of it. And for the most part, either directly or indirectly, men are paying for sex. For example, let's say a guy takes a girl on a date, and he pays for dinner and drinks. Let’s establish that all men sex right away. But she won't sleep with him on the first date because she fears that she would look like a whore in his eyes. So let's say three dates go by. He has paid for all the meals up to now. That's at least $250 spent on these dates. Well, ladies and gentlemen, the average prostitute costs $250/hour in LA. So, instead of pretending to care about how stressful the girl's finals or job is, a guy would get a lady of the evening and get his “thirst” quenched. During those three dates, the guy has put up a facade of what he thinks the girl would like just to get into the girl's pants. So why waste time on a 3-date interview when you can just get it without pretending to care about her puppy videos? Yes, maybe after you get to know a person, you see something special that makes her worth more than a prostitute, but more so than not, it’s a waste of time. That’s why I don’t truly condemn prostitutes.

The reason why I think gold digging is similar to prostitution is because you are trying to make money or upgrade your life just for having a vagina. And as sad as it is to say, it's very common. I’ve overheard matchmakers talking to clients at random cafes in Koreatown. If the client is a woman, she will always ask to be matched with wealthy guys. I’ve talked to a handful of these women, and they tell me that they are looking for dudes with a lot of money because it indicates that that guy will be able to provide for her and the family that they will create. I always tell them, "What guy would want to start a family with someone so selfish?!"

Sure, as parents, we want to provide the best clothes, food, and toys for our kids, but providing these things doesn’t make you a good parent. Being a good parent is not dictated by how much money you spend, rather it's more about the intangible things that make you a good parent.

I do understand it, though. I’m sure living wealthy is way easier than living poor. But what about other traits like  love, trust, and other cheesy but necessary traits for a proper relationship? That’s why gold diggers and prostitutes fall under the same category; the absence of real traits needed in a healthy relationship. Instead it's a business deal where the girl is arm candy for the guy and the guy pays for lavish things for the girl. Don't believe me? Just look at the picture above.

If you want to condemn "Kpop Star" then you should crap on all gold diggers with the same amount of passion. 

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