PSY Endorses Kumho Tires

Kyung Ho Kim, April 18, 2016, 8:30 a.m.

Kumho Tire unveiled Monday its new commercial music video made in collaboration with K-pop singer Psy. The tire company said in a statement, “We have created this commercial video by combining the company’s brand slogan ‘Better, All-Ways’ with Psy’s hit music ‘Good Day Will Come.’”

The video, which was made to raise the company’s brand profile through music, was unveiled on YouTube channels and China’s media platform Weibo, alongside several local search engine platforms.The company said this new upbeat video was created to encourage people who are having difficult times. 

“We have created this content in a bid to come closer to our clients. We hope many young people (who are) exhausted can be cheered by this video,” said Joo Kyung-tae, the company’s marketing chief. 

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