Psy Reaches 10 Million Subscribers On YouTube, The First Asian Artist To Do It!

Olivia Jung, May 30, 2017, 10:27 a.m.

SAY WHAT!? A huge congratulations to the global phenomenon and superstar, Psy! Psy’s music videos garner tens of millions of views on a regular basis, however, for an artist to achieve a regular following of over 10 million subscribers is a really incredible feat. Often times YouTube awards different accolades for a varying majority of levels of subscribers in which a social influencer receives. It all begins with approximately 100,000 subscribers, in which YouTube awards that certain individual or channel a plague with a silver play button.

Then the prizes and awards start increasing in rarity and aesthetic. If an individual or channel is able to garner of 1 million subscribers, they are awarded the gold YouTube play button. Following the gold YouTube play button, you guessed it, the Diamond Creator Award in which Psy was able to receive!

Psy showcased the unboxing of this great accolade in his YouTube channel. Check out the video below!

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