PSY will be Perform on Stage in Korea to Cheer for His Nation at Korea/Russia World Cup Match

Sensitive Artist, June 16, 2014, 10:25 a.m.

PSY has announced that he will be performing during the World Cup match between Korea and Russia!

He will be at COEX shortly before the June 18th Korea vs. Russia World Cup match, giving a performance to show his support for the Korean team. The match will be Korea's very first official match for the World Cup.

There is no information regarding what songs he will be performing or even at what point during the match he will be performing. Fans have predicted that he will probably be performing his newest track, "Hangover" as well as the track appropriate for this event, "Champion".

About 1,000 policemen and fire fighters have been called into service at the World Cup due to the massive 30,000 people that are expected to show up due to his announcement.

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