Pyongyang Hosts 17th Annual International Film Festival

D-bo, Sept. 22, 2014, 9:28 a.m.

The 14th Pyongyang International Film Festival opened in the North Korea capital September 17 reported KCNA, the state's official news agency.  Footage provided to Reuters by KCNA showed the opening of the film festival and an address by the festival chairman and Culture Minister, Pak Chun Nam.

Pak said the aim of the festival was to help "social progress" and deepen bonds of friendship between industry professionals, KCNA reported.  KCNA said Mikhail Kosyrev Nesterov was the chairman of the international jury for the festival.  No details on the films to be shown or prizes were given.

Earlier this year, North Korea complained to the United Nations about a film starring Seth Rogen and James Franco, accusing the United States of sponsoring terrorism and committing an act of war by allowing production of a movie about a plot to kill its leader, Kim Jong-un.

The Interview is about an American television-show host and his producer who land an interview with Kim Jong-un and are then recruited by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency to assassinate the North Korean leader, according to Internet Movie Database.

The letter to U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon from North Korea's UN Ambassador Ja Song Nam, dated June 27 but made public in July, does not mention the name of the movie but talks about a plot that "involves insulting and assassinating the supreme leadership."


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