Ra Yoon Kyung Discusses Her Story Regarding Violent School Parents

Sensitive Artist, July 9, 2015, 10:24 a.m.

Comedian Ra Yoon Kyung, who was involved in an allegedly violent encounter with a few school parents, stated her own story during the July 8th broadcast of "One Night of TV Entertainment". Ra Yoon Kyung stated that a few parents were conflicted due to a bullying issue at her child's school, and she tried to mediate the argument as a third party.

The parents then convened at her home, and as they all discussed it, some of the parents became very heated and defensive after it was discovered that their own child was responsible for the bullying. Due to the tense situation, a fight then broke out.

Ra Yoon Kyung stated that she was mobbed by the parents, and one of them even attacked her 18 month old baby. On "One Night of TV Entertainment", the comedian stated that she was the victim in the incident saying, "They say that I made up the whole thing to get some settlement money. What kind of mother would want to get money after seeing her kids bleed and beat? Is there such a parent?" while sobbing.

The comedian also gave recordings of the argument during the time of the incident during her interview with "One Night of TV Entertainment". In the recordings you can hear a hysterical voice saying, "You think I'm easy? F*cking hit me you f*cking b*tch,"as well as a long stream of curses following.

Ra Yoon Kyung stated that she was a victim of a one-sided attack from the assailant that is only referred to as "A" saying, "I was hit in the face with a broken glass cup. She threw the cup at my face while I was hugging my 18-month old child. After the first round of attacks was over, I retreated to my bedroom. I thought 'They wouldn't follow me into my bedroom.' But they came in and hit me again and my 18-month old baby in the stomach and chest." 

"A" however, is giving a completely different story saying, "I never beat the baby. And it wasn't a one-sided attack," saying that she only responded to the threat of Ra Yoon Kyung's initial attack. The lawyer representing "A" said, "We submitted proof of the diagnosis and we also have many pictures [to prove our claim]." Ra Yoon Kyung and A has filed a complaint against each other, and the two parties are biding their time, seeing how the situation will conclude.

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