Rainbow’s Jaekyung Reveals She Was Offered a Deal by SM Entertainment

D-Bo, Feb. 7, 2014, 10:39 a.m.

Koogle TV brought you a story about how Rainbow member Jaekyung revealed that she was originally going to be a member of KARA on an appearance on KBS 2TV’s Full House.  Upon the episode broadcast, Jaekyung told fans that she was also offered to join SM Entertainment. 

Jaekyung said, "When I became a trainee at my agency ten years ago, I almost became a KARA member.  However, the agency said, 'KARA's going to go for a cute image, so let's make a new team.'  That is why I continued practicing.  When I was getting tired of it, the time to recruit KARA members came.  At that time, the agency said, 'You want to debut in KARA by any chance?  Then, you could debut right away.' It was tempting, but I turned it down because I thought I would be happy with my Rainbow members."

"No one knows this, but truthfully, I was contacted by SM Entertainment, too.  I also turned them down.  And then two months later, Girls' Generation made their debut," surprising everyone.

When asked if she was envious of her label mate KARA, she replied, “Honestly, I was a bit jealous when KARA became a Hallyu icon.”

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