Rainz announce official fanclub name + open official website

Cari Pak, Sept. 21, 2017, 11:09 a.m.

Rainz has announced their official fan club name! The group recently launched the first episode of their debut reality show, 'Rainz TV'. During the show, Rainz announced that their fan club name is 'Rainzer', a play on the word ranger combined with their group name Rainz. Fans had the opportunity to vote for the fan club name themselves, and while the votes were pretty close between 'Rainzer' and 'Raindrops', 'Rainzer' ultimately won!

You can check out their official website here for member profiles and the latest news! - http://rainz.co.kr/

The project unit will officially debut on October 12! Check out the first episode of Rainz TV down below!

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