Rania Member Alexandra To Debut on Variety Show KBS ‘My Neighbor, Charles’

Kyung Ho Kim, Jan. 12, 2016, 9:58 a.m.

Rania member Alexandra will be making her debut on the variety show program KBS ‘My Neighbor, Charles’.  Fans may recall that Alexandra was one of the first African Americans to join the hallyu wave.  Alexandra will be talking about why she chose Korea, and tell her stories of what she's experienced during Korean promotions so far.

During the broadcast, she shared that because she's not fluent in Korean, she has to get help from her manager in buying even daily necessities, and sometimes problems arise from adjusting her schedule.She shared, "I feel a lot of differences in promoting in Korea's entertainment industry compared to America." Rapper Microdot will also be in the episode, and is said to have become her one-on-one rap teacher in the broadcast.

Rania is a South Korean girl group formed by DR Music in 2010. The group was initially produced by American Teddy Rileywith their first debut single "DR Feel Good" in 2011. Although the group is South Korean, former members Joy and Riko are of Thai and Japanese  descent respectively while current member Alex is of African-American descent. The current members includes Di, T-ae, Xia, Hyeme, Seulji and Alex; while former members included Yijo, Joy, Riko, Saem and Jooyi.

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