RaNia Releases a Ton of Teaser Photos and a Video Clip for Upcoming Track “Demonstrate”

Nicholas Kim, Nov. 4, 2015, 9:24 a.m.

RaNia has been extremely busy as of late it seems, not only with the reveal of their upcoming track “Demonstrate”, but also including a brand new member into the fold! Alexandra Reid is now officially the newest member of RaNia, which many suspected after hearing a large part of her rapping throughout the video teaser for “Demonstrate”.


The news was confirmed on November 4th with the agency stating, "African-American rapper Alexandra has officially joined as a member and will start promotions from this album onward. This is the first time that an African-American member has joined, so please give us some focus."


RaNia is moving very fast it seems, and the music video teaser they have released looks very promising. The teaser video features the two other new members, as well as Alexandra Reid’s rapping. It seems that the group is very excited for their new release, as they have added a brand new member, released a teaser video, and revealed a ton of teaser photos to get fans excited for their November 5th track release!

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