Rapper Andup Gets Backlash for Racist Remarks Against Vernon on Show Me the Money 4

Maximilliano VCHK, July 6, 2015, 10:22 a.m.

It looks like there was a big misunderstanding online from international netizens about what rapper Andup was saying while performing on the July 3rd broadcast of "Show Me the Money 4". A mistranslated tweet was spread across social media that said Andup had made racist comments towards Seventeen member Vernon for his half-white, half-Korean ethnicity.

The tweet exploded in a flurry of hate messages being posted on Andup's social media accounts from international netizens. Upon reviewing the footage however, it doesn't seem that he made racist remarks at all against Vernon, but he did call out other idol rappers as being "untalented". He stated, "This (SMTM 4) is Korea's unique hip hop show and I think only those who are actually talented should be on it." After Vernon's performance, Andup said, "I don't know why he passed." Zico seemed to agree with Andup's opinion saying, "I don't know how he passed either."

After hearing Andup's remarks made towards Vernon, Tablo replied, "The thing is (irony), some of these so-called idol rappers are better at rapping than the under rappers who have been rapping for a long time." Andup replied by saying he felt "no hostility towards those who have the talent," as well as saying that "Bobby deserved to win last season." 

Tablo then said that he wished to see Andup matched against Vernon in a future round, and he ended the conversation with some tough advice by telling Andup he needed to "worry more about developing his own talent in order to win against the idols rather than harboring hostility towards them."

Andup showed Tablo that he did have the skills to back up his comments as he impressed all of the judges with his performance, getting complimented on his skills.

The drama began when some of the viewers thought that Andup made racist remarks against Vernon's upbringing and ethnicity. Andup posted a personal apology on his Instagram to show that was not what he had said stating, "To the person mistranslated what I said: Everybody makes mistake. Ask somebody who are good at korean language enough to translate before uploading something next time. You made me a piece of trash for hours," while posting a picture of a post-it note that read, "Please forgive me.

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