Rapper NO:EL investigated for DUI + NO:EL and his father give official apology for accident

Jun Ko, Sept. 9, 2019, 1:15 p.m.

On September 7th, rapper NO:EL (real name: Jang Yong Joon) was brought in for questioning for causing an accident while intoxicated. He had hit a motorcycle with his vehicle; the accident took place near Seoul's Mapo-gu in the early mornings of September 7th. After arrival, the police tested and confirmed his BAC (Blood Alcohol Concentration) was high enough to get his license revoked (over 0.1%). 

Victim of the accident came forth to say that NO:EL had attempted to cover up the accident by bribing him with 10 million KRW (~10,000 USD) and stating that his father is a member of Korea's National Assembly.

His father Jang Jae Won denied the claims of his son using his name at the scene of the accident and released an official apology for the incident: "I offer my deepest apologies for the concern that the incident has brought to the public. As a father, I am filled with feelings of indescribable sadness. As an adult, Yong Joon will be assuming full legal responsibility for his wrongdoing. I bow my head in apology for my son's actions." 

NO:EL also came forward to apologize for the accident: "This is NO:EL (Jang Yong Joon). I'm writing this letter as an apology for my disgraceful involvement in the DUI accident. I apologize and there's no excuse for my actions. I'm sorry to those who were hurt in the accident. I bow my head in apology. I will give my full participation in the police investigation and accept my necessary punishment. I'm very sorry. There's nothing that I can say for myself. I will make sure an incident like this doesn't happen again by carrying on with a sense of responsibility after reflection. I would like to apologize to my fellow artsts and the Indigo Music staff. I will be suspending my activities for the time being. Once again, I offer my sincere apologies for disappointing those who have given me their support until now, even though I was lacking in many aspects. Jang Yong Joon (NO:EL)."

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