RBW Changes mind about MAMAMOO concert - will hold fan vote

BanSeok Shin, Nov. 15, 2018, 11:19 a.m.

UPDATE: RBW to more carefully consider fan opinions about upcoming MAMAMOO concert through vote.

As previously reported earlier this week, RBW Entertainment - MAMAMOO's agency - announced that despite fan concerns about the health of the group memebers, that MAMAMOO would still be holding its '4season F/W' concert. However, it seems like significant fan oposition has changed RBW's mind and the company has issued another apology and has announced that it will hold a fan vote to help determine what course of action to take.

Will you be participating it the fan vote? What do you think RBW and MAMAMOO should do?

Keep and eye out on our website and social media for further developments on the situation.

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