'Real Men' Female Soldiers Swoon Over f(x) Amber's 'Honey Voice' Drill Instructor

LAtte, Sept. 14, 2015, 10:52 a.m.

On the September 13th episode of MBC's 'Real Men', the third female soldier special, 'Honey Voice' drill instructor Sergeant Kim Hyun Gyu, the man f(x)'s Amber confessed to being her ideal type during her stint on the show back in March, struck again with his handsome visuals, proving no one can resist his charm!

The handsome sergeant had all the ladies of the new team swooning, with Jessi stating, "That drill instructor's first impression was handsome. He's very good-looking." Jeon Mi Ra also wholeheartedly agreed with her, commenting, "The drill instructor was so handsome."

Actress Yoo Sun disclosed her surprise at the sergeant's good visuals, saying, "I thought, 'Why is an actor here?'" while singer/actress Han Groo shared, "The drill instructor that Amber fell for - he's handsome."

What did you think about the 'Honey Voice' drill instructor?

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